Insolvency law

If your business or company is facing bankruptcy or financial difficulties, we can assist you with insolvency law advice and services in this field. Through our network of partners, we also have direct access to trustees and administrators who, in consultation with us, will help you and your business or company to continue operations in the best possible way.

Insolvency law is relevant to keep in mind if financial difficulties arise or are likely to arise. If your company is facing such problems, it may be possible to make a strategic plan for how to avoid these problems – and thus also avoid being in a situation where your company is threatened with bankruptcy.

If your company does end up in financial difficulties, there are often several options to consider – before, during and after insolvency proceedings. Regardless of which phase you are facing, we are ready to help you.

Insolvency law is a popular term for bankruptcy law and reconstruction law. This means that if your company or business cannot – or is unlikely to – pay its bills as they fall due, you need to be aware of the rules that apply around insolvency law.

We can also help you close down your company even if it is not insolvent. We also have experience in handling compulsory dissolution, resumption, and liquidation of companies.

Case where has advised on insolvency law

Here is an example of an anonymized case about one of our customers:

Company J IVS
To his great shock, the client received a notification that his Company J IVS had been put into compulsory liquidation due to an error that occurred in connection with his submission of the company’s annual report. Due to a technical error, the client had not received a notification that a message to this effect had previously been sent to the company’s E-Boks. The compulsory dissolution was thus already in place. assisted the client with advice on the process and got the company resumed so that business operations could continue normally.

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