Business transfers – Get help with the process

Business transfers can be a long and complex process involving internal and external stakeholders. The scope depends on the size, complexity, and operating conditions of the business/company.

At we can assist you with, among other things:

  • Business legal assistance regarding the transfer documents, review (due diligence) and possibly updating the company’s legal affairs.
  • Transfer of a business (ApS / A/Ss).
  • Transfer of a business with one or more employees, including e.g. key employees.
  • Compliance with applicable law in connection with business transfers (including the “Act on the legal position of employees in connection with business transfers” etc.)

Business transfers without surprises

When considering buying or selling a business or company, there are legal considerations you should keep in mind. To avoid unpleasant surprises in business transfers as a buyer or seller, it’s important to have a business legal advisor and an accountant involved in the process. This way, you can ensure that you don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises during the business transfer, both as a buyer and seller.

Possible situations and forms of transfer (Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A))

  • Wish to sell your company.
  • Wanting to buy another company.
  • Different types of “mergers”.

Transfers can be either a share transfer (where ownership is transferred) or an asset transfer (where the company’s assets are transferred) between buyer and seller.


Experienced business legal assistance

We have several years of experience in assisting clients who wish to acquire other companies or sell their life’s work. Depending on the size of the transaction, we can help with all or part of the process, possibly in collaboration with other advisors who are typically involved in the process.

Client examples within business transfers has helped many clients with business transfers. Here are a few of our clients presented as anonymized cases.

Buyer A owned a holding company through which he intended to invest in other companies – including a start-up dealing with IT and technology. assisted Buyer A with advice and commercial legal assistance in connection with the acquisition of the start-up. This included a transfer agreement and transfer of ownership. As part of the advice, necessary risks and opportunities were considered in connection with the preparation of the transfer documents.

Company B was engaged in marketing and was considering selling parts of its ownership to an investment company. provided advice and business legal assistance before, during and after the process. The purpose was to ensure clarity between the parties on how the collaboration as owners should work in the future.

Buyer C and D wanted to jointly buy a company that dealt with the private healthcare sector. In this connection, provided advice and commercial legal assistance to the buyers before, during and after the process. The purpose of this was, among other things, to ensure clarity between the parties about the terms of the transfer and the cooperation they wanted to establish in their respective geographical areas.

Do you need help with business transfers?

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