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Raadgiver.dk ApS is a commercial law firm specializing in value-creating advice to entrepreneurs with growth ambitions.

We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs with ambitious growth plans by providing tailor-made and value-adding commercial law advice. Our dedicated team of experienced corporate lawyers and assistants work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges.

We offer comprehensive legal advice and solutions to help businesses navigate complex regulatory issues, ensure compliance, and create a solid foundation for commercially sustainable growth. Our focus is on being proactive and finding effective and strategically optimal solutions that improve our clients’ business performance.

At Raadgiver.dk ApS, we prioritize building long-term relationships based on trust, integrity and a targeted approach to meeting our customers’ needs.

Below you can read more about our employees.

Thomas Hvid Kjær

(MSc) in Business Administration and Commercial Law & Partner

Business legal advisor Thomas Kjær

Thomas Hvid Kjær holds a master’s degree in commercial law (Cand.merc.jur.) from Copenhagen Business School, specializing in corporate and insolvency law, insurance law and commercial contractual matters. Thomas can assist you within the following practice areas:

The operation of your business requires compliance with corporate legal rules to avoid legal complications. Corporate law applies from the establishment of the company and onwards – and we are with you every step of the way.

Insolvency law includes, among other things, bankruptcy and reconstruction law, which is primarily relevant if your business is facing financial problems. If your company is in a financially challenging situation and you need advice on insolvency law, we are ready to assist you.

Business insurances can be complex to navigate and understand the content of. With several years of practical experience in a multinational insurance company, we assist both insurance companies and policyholders in various types of commercial insurances, including commercial and product liability insurances, professional liability insurances, cyber insurances, management liability insurances, and crime insurances.

The transfer of businesses and companies is also referred to as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and can occur in various situations. For instance, it may happen when one wishes to sell their company or is considering acquiring another company. The transfer typically involves either a share transfer (where ownership is transferred) or an asset transfer (where the company’s assets are transferred) between the buyer and the seller.

We have several years of experience providing legal assistance to clients involved in M&A transactions, whether they aim to acquire other businesses or sell their life’s work. Depending on the size of the transaction, we can assist with the entire process or specific aspects, possibly in collaboration with other types of advisors who are often involved in the process.

All companies enter into various types of contracts as part of their business operations. One of Raadgiver.dk’s core competencies is drafting, reviewing, and advising on contract law as well as contract economics. With several years of experience in creating commercial collaboration agreements and employing contract economic models, we ensure that your contracts are not only optimal from a legal perspective but also from an economic and commercial standpoint.

Alexander Høy

(MSc) in Business Administration and Commercial Law & Partner

Business legal advisor Alexander Høy

Alexander holds a Master of Commercial Law (Cand.merc.jur.) from Copenhagen Business School. He specializes in personal data, human capital and business contractual matters and can assist you in the following areas:

The data protection regulations, known as GDPR, have become familiar to everyone. You’ve likely received numerous GDPR emails from companies explaining how they handle your personal data. Have you undertaken similar preparations?

Raadgiver.dk has made numerous companies GDPR-compliant, and we would be happy to assist you in complying with the regulations as well. You can easily contact us to receive a non-binding offer.

Have you developed something that you would like to patent? Or do you have plans to create something?

If so, you can always contact Raadgiver.dk to learn more about your options for securing your rights effectively. This way, no one else can come in and copy what you have developed.

Raadgiver.dk has extensive experience in employment law. Whether you need employment contracts drafted or require assistance, for instance, in handling the new holiday law, we can help you. If you have a specific case, we suggest you contact us so that we can review your options and provide you with the best possible advice.

All companies enter into various forms of contracts as part of their business operations. Drafting, reviewing, and providing advice on contract law and contract economics are among Raadgiver.dk’s core competencies. With several years of experience in creating commercial collaboration agreements and employing contract economic models, we ensure that your contracts are not only optimal from a legal perspective but also from an economic and commercial standpoint.

Expertise in whistleblowing is crucial in any business. At Raadgiver.dk, we can assist companies in developing and implementing whistleblowing policies. This includes precise reporting guidelines, protection of rights, and a rigorous process for handling reports. Our specialized knowledge ensures that companies navigate whistleblowing in a legal and responsible manner, protecting both the whistleblower and the company itself.

Anders Peter Bech

Commercial Legal Assistant (LLB Student)
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Anders is studying law at the University of Southern Denmark and has a special interest in financial and corporate legal matters. He has a background from both the shipping industry and the police, which gives him unique perspectives and experiences.

Mathias Rasmussen

Commercial Legal Assistant 
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Mathias is currently studying for a Master of Science in Business Administration and Commercial Law at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). He has a strong interest in tax and labor law, but also deals with areas such as contract and obligations law.

Mads Kierkegaard

IT Developer
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Laura Rosendahl Therkildsen

Marketing employee (Multimedia designer)
Marketingsmedarbejder Laura Rosendahl

Laura has a degree in Multimedia Design from Aarhus Business Academy and is currently studying Digital Concept Development at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

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