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Get the best and most relevant advice on employment law from Raadgiver.dk, whether you are an employer or an employee.

We offer a wide range of employment law services to safeguard both parties in the employment relationship. With a long-term focus, we consider the business and strategic perspectives to prevent employment law conflicts from a legal and economic point of view. This means that we respect and collaborate with the law, but we also consider how to contractually create a safe and tangible framework for both the employee and the employer.

Client examples within employment law

Raadgiver.dk has helped many clients with employment law. Among others, we have advised the following clients, both of which are anonymized:

The client Klaus:
The company Klaus is employed by has been acquired, and with this Klaus was presented with a new employment contract which he was asked to sign. Klaus contacted Raadgiver.dk as there was a section in the new contract that required a fine of DKK 1.5 million if the company believed that Klaus directly or indirectly told others about the company’s trade secrets. This would also apply after the termination of employment. Several of Klaus’ colleagues had signed similar contracts, but Raadgiver.dk helped both Klaus and his colleagues to reformulate the content of the contract to a more realistic wording after a dialog with the employer.

Company A ApS:
Company A had never really considered what rights their employees should have. Therefore, the company had simply used a salaried employee contract template from the internet as a starting point. The company was not aware that the employees did not actually work as salaried employees, and therefore they did not need to employ the employees on salaried terms. After discussion with the company, Raadgiver.dk clarified the real needs and employment law benefits for employees. We then wrote a comprehensive employment contract for the company to use.

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