Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law is complex and needs to be taken seriously, as the rules can be misunderstood and not applied correctly. If this happens, you may not be able to enforce your rights, or you may find yourself in the dilemma of someone else (for example, a competitor) taking what you have created. has had many clients over the years who wanted extra focus on their intellectual property rights. It may be the case that the client develops a program, method, object, or a like, but it may also be that the clients want to secure any future intellectual property rights that will be developed during a collaboration or as part of an employment.

If an employee develops an important cornerstone of your business, who has the rights to what is developed? What if it’s an external freelancer or your cleaning staff who develops your perfect slogan, logo or something else?

Let take care of these issues. This ensures that no one else can claim ownership of what is developed in your company.

Or you may simply want a legal review of the pitfalls your business faces. If so, we can have an initial conversation about, for example, the trademarks, domain names, cookies, inventions, designs or copyrights that could cause legal problems for you. It can be a very expensive affair if it’s not taken care of.

Examples where has advised on intellectual property rights

Over the years, we have drafted and advised many clients on intellectual property rights. For example, we have advised the following clients, both of which are anonymized:

Company B ApS: had a client who wanted to ensure that their software solutions, which they developed for their customers, could be used by several customers. This means that they would not be limited to using the software solution for only one customer. Legally, the customer for whom the client developed the solution would have had both the right of use and ownership of the solution if had not been involved in the intangible contractual relationship that was subsequently signed between the parties.

Ole the inventor:
Inventor Ole contacted when he was in the process of developing a device that could measure various indoor climate factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.
Ole contacted via our online chat function, and then we arranged a telephone meeting where Ole received the necessary sparring to enable him to proceed with his plans to develop and subsequently secure his rights to the device.

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